Vlogging through fears

Heights are not my favorite thing. I’d stop well short of describing it as a phobia in the clinical sense, but they certainly can get my knees a knockin’!

Recently I was in Quito and had the chance to visit a cathedral with a series of catwalks and (at least to my mind) precarious ladders leading to a bell tower hundreds of feet above the ground. Video camera in hand I vlogged the entire experience.

Camera in hand I eventually made it to the top. I was in Quito on my own and for some reason there were NO other tourists at this location. Without my video blog as motivation I’m not sure I would have made it to the top!

Yet in the act of vlogging I gained some insight into the irrational nature of my fears and once again learned that I CAN push through the feelings…and do it anyway. I’m going to consider other areas of life where a vlog or journal could be used as a witness and a motivator. Maybe if I video blogged about my pile of laundry it will actually be a fun activity? Nah.:)

Are there areas of life you might put your video blog or journal to work? Here are some initial thoughts – please add some of your own. Remember to use your camera as a grounding force that brings you into the moment – don’t allow it to become a distraction.

– making a phone call to someone you are nervous to speak with

– committing to an exercise routine (make a video blog showing other people how to do your workout/take us on a tour of your walk, etc.)

– overcoming a phobia (water, dogs, spiders, clowns – whatever!)

– learning a new skill (probably best with something visual but could be just about anything – maybe I’ll dust off those juggling balls I got for Xmas last year).

If you incorporate any of these ideas into your vlogs, please let me know!

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