What is Video Blogging?

The first question might be ‘what is a blog’? According to wikipedia, “a blog is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (i.e. posts) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first.” Expanding on that definition, the broad, simple (and relatively safe) answer is that video blogs (or vlogs) are any form of user created video regularly posted online. Then again, many large media companies post video content specifically created for the online world.

So aren’t they video bloggers too?

Passionate early video bloggers such as Adrian Miles remind us that video blogging is more than just video in a blog. It is a new mode of communication, a new means of self-expression. Video blogging is perhaps best compared to the early days of film. It is a period where we’re still playing with what it can be, could be, will be.

Zooming through the hundreds of thousands of personal YouTube videos posted since YouTube began in 2006 conveys part of the story, but just a slice. The best case scenario may be that the rapid evolution of video technology keeps us in this state of flux. A state where just as we define video blogging it changes and becomes something unexpected.

That’s my definition of sorts. Well, at least for now, as I sit writing in this little Brooklyn Cafe on a crisp, sunny winter day. By the time I get home my definition will probably be different. I’m sure I left at least a few thousand things out.

What’s your definition?

If you can’t explain it in words, post a v blog of your own – it could be one you created or one that defines it for you – even if it’s just a definition for this one moment in time.

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