Video Blogging: No Age Limits

The last time I went back to Canada to visit my parents I taught my mom how to video blog using the camcorder built into her laptop. She had read ‘Naked Lens’ and being the supportive parent she is, wanted to try out the exercises. I appreciated her support, but I half wondered if she wasn’t humoring me just a little bit. My mom and technology generally don’t mix (no offense mom).

Well guess what? I was completely wrong. My mom loves video blogging!

She has been keeping a video journal nearly every day and I am so proud of her. She is a born storyteller and I can tell that video really taps into her need to communicate. She has never consistently kept a written diary as far as I know. I haven’t seen one of her video blogs yet, but she tells me that she has been conveying stories from her life, stories about my grandfather and interesting things that happen during her day. Because I live in NYC and she lives up in Winnipeg we don’t see each other all that often – one or two times per year on average. Her video diaries connect us in an entirely new way. No matter what continues to happen or not happen with ‘Naked Lens’ *this* makes it all worthwhile to me.:)

So if you have a mother, uncle, or grandparent who is even slightly open to the concept – buy them a cheap camcorder and show them how to video blog! Who knows – they might love it! None of us will be here forever and it’s so valuable to have the opportunity to know and understand where we came from and learn from the perspectives of those we love. Check out the ‘Leave a Legacy’ section in ‘Naked Lens‘ for more on this.

Happy video blogging!

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