Video Blogging Limits?

Former beauty queen, Eva Markvoort, fought a long battle with cystic fibrosis that she ultimately lost. What is unique about her story is that her lengthy struggle with the devastating disease was captured through her very public video blog.

Recently I wrote a posting about Eva Markvoort on the Yahoo! Video Blogging group and I was intrigued by the reactions I received.  One user wrote:

“Hi I’m dying on the internet!! I want everyone to know I’m dying! I love anonymous internet people that post on my blog!!  Holy christ. Save something for only yourself and your close ones dammit. Not everything needs to be shared. Fuck. I’m not a heartless bastard. Give me a break though. There comes a point when you need to turn that shit off.”

Personally I found Markvoort’s vlogging inspiring. It takes courage to show weakness, pain and suffering publicly. What’s more, she initially started her vlog because she realized that patients with cystic fibrosis are often isolated. Her video blogging efforts helped connect people and gave them support in knowing that they weren’t alone in their struggle.

My opinion is that there is no subject that is taboo when it comes to video blogging. (UNLESS you are exploiting or including someone against his or her wishes of course.) Let’s face it. No one is is prying our eyelids open and inflicting our retinas with images against our wishes. You can always click on a different video.

But yet on some level I understand where the above commenter is coming from. To be honest, I don’t feel much like video blogging when I have so much as a bad head cold. In general I’m a pretty private person. If I were terminally ill, I might keep a video blog about it if I felt others would benefit, but it would be a very difficult choice to make. It certainly wouldn’t come naturally.

I do admire those who are able to let it all hang out though. No matter what. Markvoort was obviously one of those people. There are plenty of others videotaping ridiculous and/or disgusting things (I was recently shown a site featuring pudding farts – I’m not going to link to it – it’s just too gross! but you can find it if you want:)) who perhaps share “questionable” content. But even in these cases I don’t think there is any line to be drawn. Hey, they are making people laugh (or vomit as the case may be)! No judgments.

What do you think?

Is there a video blog that you despise? A video blog that challenged your definition of what should or should not be video blogged? Is there anything in life that should remain private?

If you’ve read my book you’ll know that I often recommend keeping a private video journal for some topics. But what remains private and what becomes public should be defined by each one of us. It’s going to be different for everyone.

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