Portable Green Screen

There are numerous ways you can make a portable green screen. Most of the methods I’ve seen involve using PVC pipe and green screen fabric. There is nothing wrong with this method (and it is probably the best for outdoor use) but I wanted to show you another option. Of course you could just buy a green screen from B&H, but would that be any fun? Nah. Plus it would be more expensive.

The green screen I made was originally intended to only be used in my home office. But I wanted to create something that could be stowed away when not in use. Because of this I ended up with something quite portable. My method was simple. Take two six foot long one inch by two inch lengths of wood with the green screen fabric staple gunned between it (I bought them ready cut at Home Depot). One two by four hangs the fabric, the other provides the weight to pull it taut. That’s it. I made another blog entry where I describe the method in greater detail. What I want to cover in this blog entry is the portability. I’ll also be adding a video that shows you the rig in person for those who find the text explanation confusing.

The greenscreen I made works well in my space because my ceilings are very low. However it can be modified for virtually any ceiling height. For a taller ceiling, the fabric needs to be extended (and you may need a ladder to install the hooks – careful up there!). Because it is relatively short though, it works well as a portable green screen. All you need is two small light stands (any variety, any cost level) and two strong clamps. I recommend C-Clamps so they don’t fall off unexpectedly but you can use almost any clamp to make this work.

Place the two light stands equidistant apart, clip the green screen between them. The two by four at the bottom will keep the fabric taut, but if it still has some wrinkles you can add some extra weight. If you have already wrinkled the fabric prior to the shoot I recommend ironing the fabric beforehand. If you roll it up subsequently it should become wrinkled through regular use. Video below:

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