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This morning I read a blurb on a study about mindfulness that intrigued me. Meanwhile, I found out that the new Twitter allows video to be embedded directly in the interface. This is a nice addition that will help people get their videos out to more people and allow videoblogs and other video content to become viral with greater ease.

How are these two issues related? Here’s a blurb from the article on the study:

Youth today are bombarded by information due to the technical advancements of our time…Research on multi-tasking has shown that the more we multi-task, the worse we are at it (Schmid, 2009), and that learning while multi-tasking is not as effective as learning one thing at a time (eSchool News staff and wire service reports, 2006).

One-mindfully attending to the moment helps us get the most out of that moment…While we can feel good about doing many things in a day, or striving to multi-task every moment of every day, it is truly those of us who can appreciate one thing fully that benefit the most.

Adding video to twitter is another opportunity to multi-task but it is also another opportunity to be mindful. Sometimes the reaction people have to twitter, social networking and rapid tech advance is to close it out of their lives, get back to nature, turn off the computer. I love nature and turning off technology and taking dedicated ‘tech breaks’ is a great way to decompress BUT it’s not always realistic. Taken to an extreme it disconnects us from the world. And the world is a good place to be. Until we colonize another planet it’s all we got.

As you go about your day, as you venture out into the social media landscape or the everyday world, stop, take a breath and become present every so often. It’s all we’ve got. Yes, there are distractions, but mindfulness can be an anchor in a sea of competing interests. Then, it no longer matters whether we are tweeting a videoblog or eating a pear because we are fully present, we are truly there. (note: I had a pear for breakfast-the fact that it rhymes and sounds like Dr. Seuss is coincidental).:)

Mindfulness buddha

Mindfulness can be an anchor

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