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The latest video cameras as of the end of May 2012 are two new camcorders now shipping from Samsung: the QF20 and W300.

The W300 is a durable pocket cam that can handle whatever you dish out from dust to drops to water. The Q20/QF20 is a handy-cam style camcorder with a twist – multiple camera shooting angles – both traditional horizontal format AND vertical. More below.

The Samsung Q20/QF20 retails for a suggested price of $350 and includes:

  • A Schneider Krauznach lens,
  • A generous 20X optical zoom,
  • 1080i60 video
  • Switch Grip 2 that allows for Vertical Recording. No matter which orientation the QF20 is held, the magnetic sensor reorients the display appropriately (like an iPhone).
  • The QF20 sports a built-in wifi that allows for content to be uploaded and backed up automatically to your PC of choice.

The Samsung W300 retails for suggested price of $160 and includes:

  • Full HD 1080p,
  • Waterproof (up to 15 feet deep), dust-proof, and shockproof (6 foot drop)
  • 2.3″ high rez screen
  • BSI  (Back Illuminated Sensor) CMOS and built-in image stabilizer. BSI sensors are better in low-light than regular CMOS sensors.
  • Smart Background Music feature. This function allows you to add a preloaded music beneath your video. When SBM senses someone is speaking the volume is automatically reduced. Neat.

Samsung W300

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