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Have you ever become stuck in front of your video camera and had absolutely nothing to say? Just about everyone has sat in front of their camcorder at some point and not had a single journaling (or vlogging) idea occur to them. Guess what? There is always something to say! Sometimes these instances of putty mind may arise out of nervousness. Take a few deep breaths and see if that is why your mind has gone to mush. Oxygen is pretty important to our brain cells so this can sometimes be the only help that is needed.

But sometimes you may need a little bit more of a push.Here are some quick journaling topics to get your creative zest flowing:

  • I have always wanted to….. Start off with this phrase and fill in the blank. Keep stating “I’ve always wanted to…” and fill in the blank until you can’t possibly think of another unfulfilled want. If you’d like to expand this consider “I’ve always wanted to <BLANK> but I haven’t because <BLANK>.
  • Empty your pockets, purse or wallet. Tell the story behind each object. I bet there are objects with stories you had completely forgotten about.
  • Start by singing or humming your favorite song. When that starts to get old transition into singing about some of the reasons you love that song. Maybe it makes you feel a certain emotion, you love the group, a memory of the first time you heard it, or whatever else comes to mind.
  • If tomorrow you won the lottery, would you change your life? Give your interview to the local news.
  • In ten years I would like to have….and then state at least five major life goals.
  • The most bizarre experience I have had in my life was when…
  • My favorite place in the world is….
  • My very first childhood memory was….don’t forget to add the five senses – what did you smell, see, touch?
  • If I could change one thing in the world it would be…
  • Find a gadget or home appliance and explain it as if doing so to someone from another planet. What is it for and how does it work?
  • What was your worst dating experience ever? What was your best dating experience ever? Why?
  • Do you remember any of your dreams from the night prior?
  • What does the word ‘courage’ mean to you?
  • I believe/don’t believe in God (or a higher power) because…

Alright those should be enough to get you going. As you read through the list above you may find yourself thinking of others (there are millions if not billions)! Add them to your own list of journaling ideas and of course feel free to share them here.

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