How Many YouTube Videos Are There? Incredible YouTube Facts

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe that the first video uploaded to YouTube occurred not all that long ago in 2005. Since then, YouTube has enjoyed exponential and astounding growth. Every month the number of videos added continues to rise. Here are some amazing YouTube facts:

  • According to YouTube, more than THREE BILLION hours of video are watched every month.
  • More video is created on YouTube in one thirty day period than NBC, CBS and ABC produced in their past 60 years of existence.
  • 60 hours of video are added every sixty seconds – in other words – one hour per second.
  • Approximately ten years worth of content are uploaded each day.
  • There are tens of millions of YouTube channels and hundreds of millions of users around the world.

A very steady climb...

But how many YouTube videos are there?

I’ve searched high and low for a precise (and reputable) answer to this question. Either YouTube/Google does not know the exact number of videos on YouTube (they prefer to answer in hours – perhaps because it sounds more impressive?) or they do not want to give out this information. Given their official figures, we can make an educated guess.

  • The majority of users can only upload videos of 15 minutes or less (it is possible to get around this by fulfilling YouTube’s requirements). Most videos on YouTube are around six minutes based on my estimation.
  • By that assumption, ten videos are uploaded every second or 3600 videos per hour.
  • That means that in one twenty-four hour period around 86,400 videos are uploaded to YouTube.
  • In one year that would add up to over 31 MILLION videos uploaded. Keep in mind that this number is quite likely higher!

So how many YouTube videos are there? Lots.


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