Cool new dual lens camera

I just learned about a new “twin video” camcorder by Ion Audio. What this is is a dual lens camera that allows you to video your own reaction at the same time that you video someone (or something else). Very cool.

The camcorder apparently has two lenses – one which is presumably always pointed at the user (though the press release says that they are “controlled independently” so maybe it’s possible to point it elsewhere).

With a video camera like this, no matter what you shoot, your perspective and reaction will become part of the total picture. When you’re alone with your camcorder, this is unnecessary. But when you are out and about it can be challenging to cover more than one perspective – even with a small camera.

In the past, I’ve extended my arm out to include myself in the shot which always looks kind of weird, or I’ve put the camera on a tripod or stable surface – or if others are around and don’t mind, I give the camera to them. It would be nice not to have to choose though.

In terms of video blogging or video journaling this presents some interesting possibilities. Imagine holding a video “conversation” with someone where the camera sits in the middle and you each speak to one another while simultaneously recording each other’s perspective. It seems like it would also be great for creating vacation videos and other spontaneity filled situations because you will be able to capture your first reaction to whatever you record. This will be great for impromptu interviews as well.

But how much is it? So far I haven’t found a price, but will update that when I do.

You can read more about the camera here.

You can see video from the camera here.

If anyone else has any ideas as to how they would use a video camera like this, I would love to hear them.

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