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A video blog doesn’t necessarily mean speaking directly to your camera or video blogging about an event. This site recently posted on the Yahoo! video blogging group has a number of really wonderful videos and a gorgeous site design. One of my favorites is the video of the clouds moving across the sky. Below are my thoughts. Check out the video and see if you agree.

It’s true, there isn’t much happening. Maybe this will test the limits of patience of those who watch some of the more frenetic video blogs on YouTube, but I love it. I love it because the simplicity of the video forces my mind to work and activates my imagination.

  • With the absence of the visual, sound becomes very prominent. (What kind of insects are there in the background? Who do the voices in the background belong to? What are the voices saying? What type of machine drives by?)
  • Because we don’t see the person holding the camera, this makes us curious. (Who is holding the video camera. Is the person alone?)
  • The clouds move, though the camera is stationary. Because the shot is held for a relatively long time (the duration of the video, about one minute) we realize that this moment was important to the person who shot it. What was the person thinking? Feeling?

We have all sunk down into the warm, green grass on a lazy summer day and gazed up at the clouds. Though the person behind the camera is visually absent, they ironically become very present as we are united through this universal, shared human moment.

This is an example of one person’s expression. Were there other blog videos you liked on this site?

Look to your own life with an eye to capturing a moment for the sake of the moment. This is a great way to weave video into the fabric of your life and perhaps see the moments that make up your day a little bit differently.

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