Life Change and New Year(s)

I love New Years. Amongst my friends I’m a bit of an anomaly. Most feel it’s overrated. For me, it’s not the parties, Champagne, confetti or noisemakers. If anything, I’ve found that the best parties *do not* happen under the expectation laden overhang of New Years Eve.

What I vibe with is the possibility for renewal, life change, and growth. My sister and I made a pact this year. She wrote out a list of fifty things she would like to do before she dies and I did the same on video. We’ll compare notes and see which ones we might be able to do together and which ones we can support the other in achieving.

This year I went to St. Bart’s Church with my partner for a New Year’s Eve concert. Neither of us are church goers, so it was definitely a new (and novel) way to start the year. While I was there waiting for the concert to start, I witnessed a cool video moment that I would have loved to record but it would have been inappropriate. I talk about it here: New Years Eve Moment

But of course New Years Eve and Day are pretty arbitrary. There’s also the Chinese New Year (February 14th – also coincidentally my book release!), Pagan New Year (October 31st), Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah – September 8th), and probably others I’m forgetting.

Who knows, maybe I’ll start celebrating all of ’em? After all, each day is a new start, and the more often we remind ourselves of that, the better this year will be.

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