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“I’m a confessed technophobe. Yet this book has me ready to set up my tripod! Terrific applications for a new generation of journal keepers.”
Kathleen Adams LPC, Director, Center for Journal Therapy, Author, Journal to the Self

“This first-hand, therapeutic approach to video journaling presents an engaging treatise on using a video camera and sites like YouTube as a means for effective self-expression.”
Chad Fahs, Author, How to Do Everything With YouTube

“Kaminsky brings the art of storytelling into the sacred technology of our times. He reminds us of the many ways we can creatively connect through soulful journaling and self-expression.”
Jyoti, convener of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and serves as Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies

“This book takes the practice of journaling to a whole new level integrating high tech with high touch. Written in a compelling and easy to understand style that can inspire even the most nontechnical readers to grab a video camera, camcorder or cell phone and begin the eight-week workshop that can change their lives. This creative approach to self-discovery and transformation also explains how to go beyond personal exploration by tuning into the collective consciousness of others with online support groups that can span the globe. Sharing individual stories through video journaling has the potential to create a transpersonal evolution of planetary unity and compassion.”
Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox, authors of: Visual Journaling: Going Deeper than Words

“This book is exactly what you need to transform your video presence or wanna-be blog into a truly unique, creative form of self-expression. With Kaminsky as your guide, you can mine the treasures of your unconscious and ignite the muse within, delighting both Jung and Truffaut!”
Diana Weynand, owner of Weynand Training International ( and author of Secrets of Video Blogging and Final Cut Pro 7

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