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Video blogging is 100% about perspective. That could mean your perspective as a human living on this crazy planet. It could also be your shooting perspective – where you point the camera, for how long, at what moment, etc. But there are limits to the frame. The frame being the amount of image your camera can capture. Whatever your viewer sees is just a small window into what was actually happening all around you at that time. Sometimes that’s a good thing.:) Other times it’s not.

An NYC start-up called Kogeto is taking pre-orders through kickstarter for a cool new add-on that will turn your iPhone camera into a panoramic camera device that captures life in 360 degress. They call it ‘Dot’. This hyper-lens attachment snaps onto the camera (note that it won’t fit if you have a case – you’ll need to remove that) then get ready for an entirely different way of filming. There is no ‘framing’ involved. Everything around you will be captured in panaramic video. As the founders put it – because we’re lazy this allows you to ‘put down the camera and enjoy the party’. They also give examples of showing grandma the neighborhood you live in, shooting concerts and parties but in my opinion that’s just the beginning of cool video blogging opportunities this cool little panoramic device represents. The video can be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter and Kogeto provides special software that unfolds the panorama into an easily vieable format.

Check out the photo on your iPhone and you can shift perspectives by dragging your finger around the screen. Founder Jeff Glasse believes this new shooting format will revolutionize video blogging and I would tend to agree. Visit Kickstarter to pre-order and help these guys in their various cool camera endeavors. $98 will get you the Dot when it releases this summer and an invitations to their launch party in June in NYC. There is no other product like this out there so this is a steal imho.

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