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Michael Sean Kaminsky is a writer, video blogger and documentary filmmaker. Sean, as he is often known, has his B.A. in Film & Television from the University of British Columbia in Canada and his M.A. in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School in Switzerland. He has produced and/or directed documentary projects for networks ranging from HBO to Sundance Channel to MTV’s LOGO.

Sean’s passion for filmmaking was born when his grandfather, a filmmaker and photographer, screened a collection of his Super 8 films that spanned over fifty years of family history. Soon enough, his grandfather gave him an old camera and Sean was making his own experimental films in his back yard in Winnipeg, Canada.

Throughout his life, Sean has kept a written journal and in 1996 began experimenting with video journaling as a new way to increase creativity and engage in self-exploration. This practice, combined with experiences he had videoing documentary subjects and the YouTube phenomenon, ultimately coalesced to inspire his M.A. Thesis. While working on his thesis he found that there were no books that looked at video from the perspective of healing or self-growth. This led to the development of the Video Regeneration workshop and ultimately the writing of Naked Lens, his first book.

Kaminsky is currently launching an intensive version of his Video Regeneration workshop as well as starting a new documentary project. He began using ‘Sean’ as a nickname while living in an artist’s collective in the Mission district of San Francisco in the mid-nineties…there were four other Michaels.

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