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This page is for readers of Shoot 3D Like a Pro – 3D Movie Making Tips, Tricks & Secrets. It includes resources that will keep you up-to-date with the fast moving target that is 3D video. Please subscribe for regular updates.


3D News and Resources

Recording Sound on a 3D Camcorder (Chapter 5)

Sound engineers have created stereo sound that appears to come from several directions at once. You can listen to a sample here.

Choose the Best 3D Video Camera for You (Chapter 6)

We’ve launched a companion site that includes up-to-date camcorder ratings and information as well as a handy feature table that allows you to easily compare between models. Click here to visit.

3D Playback – How to View 3D Content (Chapter 7)

3D glasses are cheap. The cheapest and highest quality tend to be the paper kind (because the lens film is easier to color than molded plastic). But they are less comfortable. Cheap plastic glasses are more comfortable but don’t render 3D with as much sharpness (the difference is fairly subtle).

Following are the two types of 3D wear that I’ve ordered recently:

Plastic Glasses

Paper Glasses

3D Shooting Basics (Chapter 8)

Duck with deep depth-of-field (everything is in focus)

Duck with shallow depth of field (background is out-of-focus)

Lighting for 3D (Chapter 11)

Why spend big $ on a lighting kit when you can build your own? With a little bit of effort and the right tools and instructions you can build a perfectly suitable lighting kit that will serve your 3D projects well.The two best ways to build a home made lighting kit either use halogen work lamps or cheap clamp lights.

For further instructions on creating your own lighting set-up with halogen work lamps, click here. You can also find some good general information on gels, diffusions and using other types of lighting such as Chinese paper lanterns, here.

This short video on creating a clamp light is worth watching. I never thought of using a shower cap, but it works (with fluorescent bulbs)!

3D Editing Tools of the Trade (Chapter 12)

3D camcorders have evolved faster than software manufacturers have kept up. Options for 3D editing are somewhat lacking, especially for the Mac platform. However, that is changing quickly.

If you use a PC visit this page.

If you use a Mac visit this page.

Basic 3D Editing Techniques (Chapter 13)

Recommended General Editing Books


Books on Advanced 3D Technique


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